ScanSnap Cloud
Service status
SIGNAL_IMAGE Normal: Working properly.
July 3 2019
Fixed the issue that securedocs cannot be selected for a save destination of ScanSnap Cloud.
June 29 2019
Between 02:17 and 20:50 PDT on 29 June 2019, A Problem was found in scansnap cloud that, the scanned data cannot be saved into specified storage service.(Error code:B12Ca001)
Currently, we have restored. We are very sorry to trouble you.
Please scan again the data that could not be saved.
June 27 2019
We are investigating the problem that the process to link to SecureDocs does not finish.
June 18 2019
ScanSnap Home (ScanSnap Cloud) sends images to the following folders in linking with Xero.
- Case1: Clear the checkbox of [Save images only to a cloud service] in the profile of ScanSnap Home.
Before: ExpenseClaim
After: Draft under Bills
- Case 2: Select the checkbox of [Save images only to a cloud service].
Before: Inbox under Files
After: ScanSnap under Files (Creates a folder named ScanSnap if it does not exist.)